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Mining Industry Report: Global Talent Trends

Transforming the HR operating model to be more agile is a top priority for 2021. This overview from Mercer's Global Talent Trends summarizes some of the ways the mining sector is reinventing itself and finding new ways of working.

Energy Industry Report: Global Talent Trends

What are the top trends for the energy industry sector in 2021? This overview from Mercer's Global Talent Trends takes a closer look at how the sector was impacted by 2020 and the areas of focus for 2021.

Energy Industry Report: HR planning & flexible working

Despite the challenges of 2020, some companies reported a slightly higher level of employee engagement — and there is a strong connection flexibility. The top obstacle to achieving flexibility at scale? Leader and manager attitudes to managing flexible working arrangements. Learn more in the summary report focused on planning for 2021.

Energy Industry Report: COVID-19 & low oil prices

This summary report includes results from a 2020 spot poll on the impact of COVID-19 and declining oil prices. Learn about changes to health and welfare policies, paying quarantined employees, and other challenges that arose due to the pandemic.

Energy Industry Report: Response to commodities prices

Given the volatility and historically low prices (oil in particular) in 2020, it is unsurprising these results reflect an increasing negative sentiment that prices will remain lower than budgeted for over a year with an elevated percentage reporting commodities prices would highly impact their company’s 2020 financial performance. Find out more in this spot poll report from April 2020.

Energy Industry Report: Women in the pipeline

The most important pipeline in the energy industry isn’t in the wilds of Canada or Russia. It’s energy’s talent pipeline — a necessary stream of enthusiastic, engaged new employees excited about bringing power to the world’s homes and industries. Unfortunately, if the industry does not act quickly to include more women, that pipeline is in serious danger of restriction and disruption.