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Blog: Navigating the system integrator world for HR tech implementation with Raven Intelligence

Corina Lam and Bonnie Tinder explore the role of Raven Intelligence in the system integrator world for HR tech implementation. Read about the importance of choosing the right partners and key considerations for a successful deployment of HR technology solutions.

Short Report: Unlocking digital HR success — The power of collaborating with the right SI

Corina Lam and Mike Brennan discuss the importance of selecting the right systems integrator (SI) for successful HR technology deployment. They cover topics such as the definition of deployment, the role of SI's in the technology landscape, the four essential partnerships for successful implementation, key considerations in selecting an SI, and steps to evaluate and choose the right SI.

Article: Next level strategic workforce planning (SWP)

Read about the significance of strategic workforce planning (SWP) in aligning an organization's workforce with its goals and objectives and the need for continuous, connected, and openly communicated strategic workforce planning processes.

Blog: Dayforce's growth journey continues — eloomi acquisition expands learning capabilities

Dayforce, formerly Ceridian, announced its plans to acquire the eloomi learning and development platform, signaling its commitment to simplicity at scale and expanding its learning capabilities.

Podcast: Have you heard how HR tech will make your job easier?

Tara Cooper provides insights on the evolution of HR technology and all of the potential use cases to make your workforce more productive and efficient. (Length:13 min 46 sec)

Short Report: Expect more results from HR technology in 2024

The most strategic business outcomes from investing in HR tech often revolve around simultaneously attending to the needs, interests, and goals of employees. Read to learn what will drive better results from HR Tech in 2024.

Blog: Generative AI in HR — unlocking innovation and transformation

Explore how HR professionals can leverage the potential of generative AI to drive innovation and unlock new possibilities within their organizations. From automating HR processes to enhancing decision-making and improving employee experiences, generative AI holds the key to revolutionizing the way we work.

Blog: European HR technology vendors expanding into the US — A global response to growing complexity

European HR technology vendors are expanding into the US market, bringing innovative solutions to address the complex challenges faced by organizations. This expansion represents a significant step towards a more interconnected and inclusive future of work.

Tech Summary: Coming to America — European HR tech vendors set their sights on the US market

European work tech vendors are targeting the U.S. market due to its large customer base, innovation-friendly environment, and reputation for adopting advanced technologies, offering them a valuable opportunity to grow their businesses. Learn more about a few vendors prepared to make a substantial impact in the competitive work tech solutions market.

Blog: Navigating innovation inflation

Embracing Gen AI is no longer an option but a necessity to keep pace with the rapid evolution of business and people strategy. What was once considered an innovative leap has now become the baseline for staying relevant. Read to learn more about navigating innovation inflation.

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