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Survey Results: Global pandemic survey series | Navigating today’s business and people challenges

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, labor shortages and unprecedented inflation rates, businesses have had more than their fair share of hurdles to tackle. This survey gathered company perspectives November and December of 2021 on updating travel policies, taking steps to return employees safely to their worksites, and implementing vaccine mandates or other initiatives to encourage their employees to get vaccinated during.

At the time of this survey, over one-third of multinational companies reported having all or most of their employees back at their worksites, with 23% expecting them to be back by the end of March 2022. Nearly three-quarters reported seeing no change in employee turnover/attrition since implementing a vaccine mandate (even accounting for employees terminated due to non-compliance). Click the links below to find out more.

Global and region results

Individual market results

Global industry results