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Survey Results: US & Canada flexible working policies & practices survey | Second edition

For companies operating in North America, many changes to working policies have been implemented since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pre-pandemic, the most popular flexible working arrangements in the United States and Canada were flex-time and part-time schedules. Flex-time schedules were being offered by a respective 61% and 67% of companies operating in each country, while part-time schedules were being offered at respective rates of 65% and 66%.

Before COVID-19, part-time remote working was more popular than full-time. In Canada, 43% of organizations historically offered part-time remote work. In the United States, the same is true for 38% of companies. Full-time remote work was historically offered by 15% of companies in Canada and 28% of companies in the United States. Since the pandemic, these percentages have increased to 77% and 62% of respective companies.

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