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Survey Results: Turkey benefit trends spot poll

With inflation and turnover impacting Turkey’s labor market, competitive benefits policies have become crucial. Companies are rethinking the benefits they offer their employees and coming up with creative solutions to ensure talent retention. This survey, which closed on January 28 2022, captured perspectives regarding meal vouchers, transportation allowances, car policies, referral bonuses, night shift deficiency premiums and turnover rates among companies operating in Turkey.

At the time of this survey, the majority of organizations (84%) reported providing meal vouchers to their employees, and more than one third (34%) of companies reported having night shifts. Among those that offer night shifts, more than half reported providing deficiency premium payments for night shift workers. Many companies were divided when it came to offering a transportation allowance — when asked if their company provided allowances for transportation, 52% of organizations answered in the negative, while 48% answered in the affirmative. Company car policies are far more common and offered by seven in ten organizations.

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