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Survey Results: Real-time insights on inflation, labor market challenges, return to workplace, vaccines and more

With each passing day, labor markets around the world are changing more and more. Depending on region, market and industry, these shifts can impact companies in a variety of different ways. This survey, conducted between February and March 2022, sought to understand how inflation, labor market challenges, COVID-19 policies and flexible working were impacting companies.

At the time of this survey, 41% of companies ranked the labor shortage as a significant priority for HR. Another challenge faced at this time was encouraging employees to return to the workplace; more than half of companies indicated they were implementing flexible schedules and/or working hours to help. More than two-thirds of companies around the world are tracking which employees are vaccinated, primarily by requesting the employee to provide proof of vaccination. Finally, for 42% of companies, the problem of employee stress or burnout is being mitigated via leadership communications encouraging employees to use time off. Click the links below to find out more.

Global and region results


Individual market results