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Survey: Innovative benefits in Canada | Participate by February 2 02 Feb

Survey: Innovative benefits in Canada | Participate by February 2

How are organizations expanding their benefits packages to include digital health and well-being offerings? This survey, open to companies with operations in Canada, aims to identify the prevalence of non-traditional, emerging and innovative benefits offered by organizations in a variety of sectors.

Survey: Salary Budget Snapshot E1 | Extended to February 3 03 Feb

Survey: Salary Budget Snapshot E1 | Extended to February 3

This snapshot survey is conducted four times per year and provides up-to-date salary increase budgets for 100+ markets across the globe. Participate to get your free snapshot report! E1 focuses on 2023 salary increase budgets (total and merit) and 2022 turnover rates.

Survey: Transportation Policies | Participate by February 17 17 Feb

Survey: Transportation Policies | Participate by February 17

Discover which types of transportation benefits are commonly offered and who is eligible to receive them with Mercer's survey on Transportation Policies. Participate to receive a free country report for all markets where you provide data!

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    Talent All Access Portal+

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    Global Pay Summary

    Create a solid foundation for your pay structure. Compare your company to the market with base salary and total cash compensation data for up to 50 benchmark jobs.


    Incentives Around the World

    Ensure your incentive programs are competitive. Determine the right incentive program for your company by evaluating eligibility, targets and actual incentive data for STI, sales and LTI.


    Transportation Policies & Costs

    Manage your transportation benefits efficiently and effectively. Discover which types of transportation benefits companies typically offer and understand their associated costs.


    Sales Incentive Plans

    Ensure your incentive programs are competitive. Understand how features such as eligibility, performance measures, timing, payout and governance will help you design and structure the best sales incentive plans for your company.


    Leave Programs

    A competitive leave policy is a benefit to everyone. Review market practice and statutory requirements of paid and unpaid time off for a selection of core leave programs.


    Global Compensation Planning

    Salary increase planning made easy. Everything you need to know about salary increases, economic indicators, mandatory pay schemes and more.


    Workforce Movement

    Take a proactive approach to managing your workforce in a competitive job market. Monitor employee movement trends in, out, and within companies around the world with data on turnover, workforce changes, hot skills and more.


    Compensation Drivers

    Use your compensation budget wisely. Learn which factors impact pay the most and how pay differs relative to the market average.


    Global Inclusive Benefits

    Take an inclusive approach to benefits. Learn about healthcare offerings that help you create an inclusive benefits program to meet the needs of all employees.


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